Architecture & Design

UML, API Design, OOAD, Design Patterns - everything you need to know to architect your software application

Database & Persistence

Here you will find everything from MySQL to Oracle, from plain JDBC to Hibernate and JPA

Development Methodologies

PRINCE, DSDM, XP, Scrum - the most well spread and adopted methodologies of managing software projects

HTML, Javascript & CSS

Everything you need to know to build Web 2.0 apps, from XHTML, CSS and plain Javascript to jQuery, DOJO, ExtJS and others.

IDEs & Tools

Learn how to be a power user of Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ and auxiliary tools that make your developer life easier.

Java Enterprise Edition

EJB, Spring, Seam & lots other - all you need to go big

Java Standard Edition

Fundamentals are most of the time the key to success - from comprehensive manuals to pocket guides, you'll find everything here

JVM Languages & Frameworks

The JVM is now the playground for more than plain Java - discover Groovy, Scala, Jython, JRuby and their frameworks

Messaging & Web Services

JMS, REST, XML-RPC, SOAP - all for a great interoperability experience


Algorithms, Puzzles, RegEx and Java Techs that don't fit in a particular category

Mobile Platforms

Leverage Java on your hand-held by reading about J2ME, Android and auxiliary frameworks and technologies

Modularity (OSGi)

Looking to change the way you write Java software - learn all about the huge benefits of modularity with OSGi

Portals & CMSs

Alfresco, Liferay, JBoss Portal, OpenCMS and others - all portals and CMSs that count

Rich Internet Applications

Looking to bring a desktop experience to the web - here's the right place to come

Service Oriented Architecture

Interested in integrating large and complex systems - become an expert now with the help of these books

Testing & Quality Assurance

Read about how to efficiently test your apps and assure top quality

Web & Application Servers

Deployment issues? Read everything about the most important web and application servers here

Web Frameworks & Techs

Want to go deep in the web framework of your choice? Here's the place to do it!


Learn how to efficiently use and process one of the most widely spread document format.

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