AspectJ in Action, Second Edition

Authors : Ramnivas Laddad
Publisher :Manning Publications Co.
Category : Miscellaneous
Released : Aug 1, 2009
ISBN : 1933988053
Pages :550
Print Price : $44.99
E-Price : $27.50

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While it's good practice to break down a program into distinct features with minimal overlap in functionality, some functionalities in a typical enterprise application defy this desired separation of concerns. Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) helps programmers deal with these crosscutting concerns—such as tracing, transaction management, and security—that cut across multiple modules in an application. AOP and its most powerful implementation for Java, called AspectJ, simplify implementation of enterprise applications by modularizing crosscutting concerns that abound in such applications.

AspectJ in Action, Second Edition is a revised and updated edition of the bestselling first edition. This book, now covering AspectJ 6 and Spring 2.5, will guide you through AOP and AspectJ using practical applications so you can create systems that are easier to understand, implement, and maintain.

Expert author Ramnivas Laddad shows you how to combine various popular technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, Swing, and JDBC with AspectJ to create reusable solutions for common problems such as logging and tracing, monitoring, architectural policy enforcement, transaction management, concurrency control, security, and domain logic implementation. AspectJ in Action, Second Edition also gets you up-to-date with the latest AspectJ five features including annotation-based syntax, XML-based syntax, and load-time weaver, as well as annotation-based crosscutting.

AspectJ shows its real power when combined with a lightweight enterprise framework such as Spring. This book shows you various pragmatic approaches to Spring-AspectJ integration, which is a major feature of Spring 2.5.

This book is for developers who have experience in AOP and AspectJ, but also for those who are new to both. If you are already familiar with AspectJ, you will find this edition immensely helpful in answering questions such as:

   1. What are the ways to leverage these technologies?
   2. What applications AOP is suitable for?
   3. What are the best practices and traps?
   4. Which kind of weaving should you use?
   5. When to use Spring AOP and AspectJ AOP?

The applications presented in this book will convince you that AOP vastly simplifies creation of enterprise application. And there is plenty of reusable code to get you started quickly.


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