Grails in Action

Authors : Glen Smith , Peter Ledbrook
Publisher :Manning Publications Co.
Category : JVM Languages & Frameworks
Released : May 1, 2009
ISBN : 1933988932
Pages :520
Print Price : $44.99
E-Price : $27.50

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Web apps shouldn't be hard to build, right? The developers of Grails agree. This hyper-productive open-source web framework lets you "code by convention", leaving you to focus on what makes your app special. Through its use of Groovy, it gives you a powerful, Java-like language and full access to all Java libraries. And you can adapt your app's behavior at runtime without a server restart.

Grails in Action is a comprehensive guide to the Grails framework. First, the basics: the domain model, controllers, views, and services. Then, the fun! Dive into a Twitter-style app with features like AJAX/JSON, animation, search, wizards—even messaging and Jabber integration. Along the way, you'll discover loads of great plugins that'll make your app shine. Learn to integrate with existing Java systems using Spring and Hibernate. You'll need basic familiarity with Java and the web. Prior experience with Groovy is not necessary.


    * A concise Groovy primer
    * Advanced UI development
    * Enterprise integration
    * Plugin development
    * Tips and tricks from the trenches


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