OSGi Application Frameworks

Authors : Alexandre de Castro Alves
Publisher :Manning Publications Co.
Category : Modularity (OSGi)
Released : Mar 1, 2010
ISBN : 9781935182177
Pages :325
Print Price : $49.99
E-Price : $29.99

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A good application framework greatly simplifies a developer's task by providing reusable code modules that solve common, tedious, or complex tasks. Writing a great framework requires an extraordinary set of skills-ranging from deep knowledge of a programming language and target platform to a crystal-clear view of the problem space where the applications to be developed using the framework will be used.

OSGi Application Frameworks shows a Java developer how to build frameworks based on the OSGi service platform. OSGi, an emerging Java-based technology for developing modular applications, is a great tool for framework building. A framework itself, OSGi allows the developer to create a more intuitive, modular framework by isolating many of the key challenges the framework developer faces.

This book begins by describing the process, principles, and tools you must master to build a custom application framework. It introduces the fundamental concepts of OSGi, and then shows you how to put OSGi to work building various types of frameworks that solve specific development problems.

OSGi is particularly useful for building frameworks that can be easily extended by developers to create domain-specific applications. This book teaches the developer to break down a problem domain into its abstractions and then use OSGi to create a modular framework solution. Along the way, the developer learns software engineering practices intrinsic to framework building that result in systems with better software qualities, such as flexibility, extensibility, and maintainability.

Author Alexandre Alves guides you through major concepts, such as the definition of programming models and modularization techniques, and complements them with samples that have real applicability using industry-proved technologies, such as Spring-DM and Equinox.


    * A thorough introduction to the art of framework development
    * An overview of the OSGi service platform, including new OSGi services, like the Configuration Admin and the Declarative Service specification
    * An easy-to-follow running example
    * Deep dives into specific problem areas, like modularization, and implementation de-coupling
    * Deep dives into specific framework building areas, such as programming models, deployment, configuration, management and security.

OSGi Application Frameworks is written for Java developers who need to develop application frameworks. It requires no previous knowledge of framework design or OSGi.


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