Tuscany in Action

Authors : Simon Laws , Haleh Mahbod , Mark Combellack , Raymond Feng , Simon Nash
Publisher :Manning Publications Co.
Category : Miscellaneous
Released : Mar 1, 2010
ISBN : 9781933988894
Pages :400
Print Price : $44.99
E-Price : $27.50

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If you are developing IT applications or providing a development platform for others to use, you are aware of the various technology choices available to you. With variety comes the complexity of technology integration as well as the cost associated with developing and sustaining the solution over time. What if the development cost and complexity were reduced without restricting your freedom to exploit a variety of technologies? What if you could use your existing investments and move to an extensible architecture that can be more easily tailored to changing business requirements? You can do all this and more with Apache Tuscany and Service Component Architecture (SCA).

Tuscany in Action is a comprehensive, hands-on guide for developing technology agnostic, extensible applications using Apache Tuscany's lightweight SCA infrastructure. The book uses practical examples based on a travel booking scenario to demonstrate how to develop applications with Tuscany SCA. Apache Tuscany supports a variety of programming environments, data bindings and communication protocols "out of the box" and can be easily extended to support other technologies.

By reading Tuscany in Action you'll learn how to model, compose, deploy and manage applications using SCA. This includes using many of the technologies included with Tuscany such as Web services, JMS and JSON-RPC for protocol handling and Java, BPEL, Spring and scripting for developing components. You'll also learn how to extend Apache Tuscany to support new programming environments and communication protocols and how you can embed the runtime into your application environment.


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