Review for SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide

Authors : Bert Bates , Katherine Sierra
Publisher :McGraw-Hill
Category : Java Standard Edition
Released : Jun 24, 2008
ISBN : 0071591060
Pages :0
Print price : $49.99
E-book price : N/A


• How well does it cover the subject?
(10 / 10)
• Includes examples and real life scenarios?
(8 / 10)
• Will it help you in your day to day work?
(8 / 10)
• How easy is it to understand?
(10 / 10)


In order to get ready for the SCJP 6 exam, I went for this book.

The authors make clear at the beginning that the book is about, and only about, being ready for the SCJP exam. No more, no less. And they keep to their words : the book is immensely focused on the exam.

The bad consequence is that sometime (often) I was eager to know more, to go further the "there's plenty more to tell, but that's enough for the exam, so we stop here". Furthermore, as you can imagine, this isn't the most fancy book I've ever read. Katherine and Bert do attempt a few times to instill some fun in it, but it didn't fall quite right.

The very quite side is that the book shows all you need to know, no more, no less. I would even go a bit further : if the authors say "methods X and Y are also part of the exam", then you should really know exactly what's in these methods. Really. I'm pretty sure I lost some points due to some API I didn't know enough. Even better, they say clearly what's in the exam and not. No need to worry because some dumb mock exams found on the web put stuff you hadn't any clue about. If it wasn't in the book, it's not on the exam. Last but most important, the writers are very good at explanation. Really, they know out to make things clear. Awesome. I now have a grip on regexp. Really !

To conclude, this book is really one (if not the one) to go for when preparing SCJP 6, no more, no less. Or at least it was for me.


2010-02-11 • Joseph Pachod

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