Review for Pro Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi™ Service Platforms

Authors : Daniel Rubio
Publisher :Apress
Category : Modularity (OSGi)
Released : Feb 1, 2008
ISBN : 1-4302-1612-3
Pages :392
Print price : $46.99
E-book price : $32.89


• How well does it cover the subject?
(10 / 10)
• Includes examples and real life scenarios?
(10 / 10)
• Will it help you in your day to day work?
(10 / 10)
• How easy is it to understand?
(10 / 10)



This book covers the OSGi world with Spring Dynamic Modules, in an easy approach with excellent material and clever images. There are some key chapters and realistic topics which are covered in this book. The theory isn't too complicated and there are a good amount of table discussions.



Intent and Audience is for Spring developers with the desire to start the journeying into the OSGi world with Spring



The book is pretty good with content and explanation of the core topics, having, excellent images to complement excellent ideas. The code is not complicated and you can easily understand the material for each chapter




For a complete review for each chapter for this book, you can follow with our friends in DZone available here

Pro Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi Service Platforms






2010-03-07 • Manuel Jordan

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