Review for AspectJ in Action, Second Edition

Authors : Ramnivas Laddad
Publisher :Manning Publications Co.
Category : Miscellaneous
Released : Aug 1, 2009
ISBN : 1933988053
Pages :550
Print price : $44.99
E-book price : $27.50


• How well does it cover the subject?
(10 / 10)
• Includes examples and real life scenarios?
(10 / 10)
• Will it help you in your day to day work?
(10 / 10)
• How easy is it to understand?
(10 / 10)


This powerful book teaches us how to learn AOP and how apply AspectJ and Spring AOP in our projects with very valuable theory including a lot of images to get an excellent understanding. All these features help make development life easier both with and without Spring framework. The book also covers important topics like Management, Security, Constraints, Concurrency and valuable patterns


Intent and Audience is for pure Java Developers and Spring developers with the intentions to apply a better Modularizing some project 


Have a well Modulared project or even create it and for that trying to avoid code tangling and code scattering and have a well definition for core concerns and crosscutting concerns can be painful

This book teaches us how apply AOP using AspectJ and Spring AOP to resolve these problems. The book is easy to understand and follow, with images everywhere to have an excellent understanding, enjoy its 568 pages


For a complete review for each chapter for this book, you can follow with our friends in DZone available here

AspectJ in Action: Enterprise AOP with Spring Applications

2010-03-07 • Manuel Jordan

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