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  • Beginning Java Google App Engine

    Thanks to courtesy of Apress user group programme I had a chance to read "Beginning Java Google App engine" written by Kyle Roche and Jeff Douglas. I was looking for a short, comprehensive introductio [...]

  • Programming Scala: Tackle Multi-Core Complexity on the Java Virtual Machine

      Courtesy of  The Pragmatic Bookshelf  I was able to read "Programming Scala" by Venkat Subramaniam. If you are a Java programmer, this book is a great introduction to Scala for you. It is packed wi [...]

  • AspectJ in Action, Second Edition

    This powerful book teaches us how to learn AOP and how apply AspectJ and Spring AOP in our projects with very valuable theory including a lot of images to get an excellent understanding. All these [...]

  • Pro Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi™ Service Platforms

      This book covers the OSGi world with Spring Dynamic Modules , in an easy approach with excellent material and clever images. There are some key chapters and realistic topics which are covered i [...]

  • SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide

    In order to get ready for the SCJP 6 exam, I went for this book. The authors make clear at the beginning that the book is about, and only about, being ready for the SCJP exam. No more, no less. And [...]

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  • Adam Dudczak

    Name:Adam Dudczak

    Reviewed:Beginning Java Google App Engine


  • Pawel Stawicki

    Name:Pawel Stawicki

    Reviewed:Programming Scala: Tackle Multi-Core Com...


  • Manuel Jordan

    Name:Manuel Jordan

    Reviewed:AspectJ in Action, Second Edition


  • Manuel Jordan

    Name:Manuel Jordan

    Reviewed:Pro Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi™ Ser...


  • Joseph Pachod

    Name:Joseph Pachod

    Reviewed:SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6...


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