Spring Web Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

Authors : Josh Long , Gary Mak , Ken Sipe
Publisher :Apress
Category : Web Frameworks & Techs
Released : Mar 1, 2010
ISBN : 1-4302-2499-1
Pages :600
Print Price : $44.99
E-Price : $31.49

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The release of Spring Framework 3.0 has added many improvements and new features. Spring Web Recipes focuses on the latest available web application and web services tools and techniques that Spring has to offer, including Spring MVC, web flow, REST, web services, cloud computing, dynamic web scripting, and more.

What you'll learn

    * Understand the most relevant aspects of the web technologies in the Spring Framework and its fundamentals so you can do basic to complex web application development
    * Rapidly code complete real-world examples
    * Take and reuse live code examples for your own Spring-related projects
    * Build web applications using Spring Web Flow, Spring MVC, Spring Portals, Grails Framework, and more
    * Conduct web services using Spring WS and REST
    * Do dynamic web scripting using Spring and languages like Groovy
    * Create some cloud development applications using Spring

Who is this book for?

This book is for those with basic knowledge of Java who would like to step into Java web development rapidly. Readers will be able to use Spring Framework to develop Java-based and even Groovy-based web applications.



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